Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lake Chelan

 Such special Grandma and cousin time at the lake this year! 
Even the cold water didn't stop the fun of boat races and silly faces.

Reunion ... 10 years later

 Ten years to the day after he broke Hank Aaron's home run record 
on Aug. 7, 2007, Barry Bonds was back at the ballpark. I got the only interview with him
before he did a TV spot hours later. But our chat led to this exclusive AP story. I worked hard on this tricky working relationship over many years. Each interaction presents its challenges. 
The previous time I saw him at a Warriors game, he told me: "No interview, Janie. I've been inviting you to go cycling for two years and you haven't held up your end of the bargain." To which I said, "Barry, I need a chaperone to be alone with you." And we parted ways. When I saw him this time, he told me how much he respects me for ALWAYS standing up to him when others don't.

Team Congdon! Third place!

 Team Congdon is thrilled with a third-place finish in the Chelanman Olympic triathlon, honoring our special grandfather - who used to plan family Ridge to River teams and rode the Seattle to Portland well into his 80s - and entire family. 5 am wake-up call with gorgeous lake view. We all well eclipsed our goal times for a 2:31:16 total with transitions (me personal-best 27:16 mile swim, cousin Karen Conger 1:13 27-mile bike and brother Evan 48-minute 6.2-mile run on very hot morning). Personal physical therapist Petra at the end is nice perk.
Micah Rieke coached us via text for weeks and day of. FUN!
Oh, and rockstar Eric Hagen shaved 9 minutes off his best half-ironman time in 5:24.

 The bottom of the lake was lined with yellow rope, which I followed on the way back
from the far buoy so the second half of the race. So cool!
 Grandpa Gordon would have been thrilled!
Even a personal physical therapist, Petra!

NBA Finals ... champion Golden State Warriors. Fun season!

 LeBron, who would be your two choices for 3-on-3 teammates for the Olympics?
He was great.

 My neck was sore for a day after this chat with KD.
Below, chatting with Draymond Green about 2016 Game 5 suspension.
 Steph, may I please have your phone number? Thank you. 
Got an e-mail out of it to get in touch with him.
When he came off the interview podium after the Game 5 clincher, he stopped, shook my hand and said, "Thanks, Janie, appreciate you." All class.
Such a fun year!

Rachel's all-time favorite, Isiah Thomas. When I told him Evan dropped our camera after a photo with him years ago in Seattle after the Pistons played the Sonics, he said, "Let's send him a video."
I was so giddy all day I could HARDLY write. I texted Rach, Evan, Jennifer Saunders.
NBA Finals MVP, former Sonic, Kevin Durant.

Emma's favorite, Zaza Pachulia
 Warriors defensive guru and very nice man, Ron Adams.

 Ann Killion, SF Chronicle columnist
 One of our freelancers, Chris Biderman
 People sent me a lot of these.

I take advantage of the time waiting for Warriors practice to end - wall squats, dips, push-ups. 
Anyone can join in the fun. Some think I'm a little crazy. No way!


We splurged on Hamilton tickets and a nice dinner out in San Francisco. 
We've done nothing this fancy since our wedding.
Best. Show. Ever.

Summer adventures!

 Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda invited me to sit down for a nice press box chat the other night. We are longtime friends. So special!
 Yep, Steph's a great golfer, too. Fun to spend a day walking the course watching him, and he stopped between holes at one point to give me a big hug and ask about my summer. Most genuine, kind superstar I've covered in my entire career.

 TV interview about Steph with the PGA Channel.
 Lorrie Murray, founder of Alameda Music Project with an after-care program at our school, also at the Giants-A's game that Aug. 1 night.
 Swimming/workout friend Paul came to the Giants-A's with his Trader Joe's store and I was able to bring him on the field for batting practice. He loved it!
 Five special girls!
 Seaweed sheets from the Korean market, gift from Paul.
 Nice visit at Frog Park with dear friend Krisha, her husband Rob and son Kingston!
 Below is from Felicia's 50th birthday party!
 Water balloon girls...
 Steph's recent basketball camp... held in Walnut Creek where former Saint Mary's College assistant athletic director Mike Samuels now runs the facility. Nice reunion.
 Robyn's birthday bouquet at the pool ... Paul got the flowers at Trader Joe's, I brought the vase and ribbon. Teamwork we have at our little sanctuary.
We brought the Tucker's ice cream cake for Ruth the dog's birthday at friend Joy's home. 
It was delicious - none for the pooch.
Two of my stories on the SAME Sunday page in The New York Times ... a special first!

 Always a treat chatting with Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson.

 Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle has been a supportive friend for years from afar,
going back to his days managing the Colorado Rockies. Always a treat to see him once a year.

Katie and her crew were there that night, too. Nice between-innings visit.
And Bruce Bochy has had my back for more than a decade,
even over his own players at times when appropriate. Respect! 

 One day this week, the good folks at Peet's saw me in the parking lot and had my drink ready in the drive-thru. I don't usually walk up to the window like this.

 I've been wearing so much Athleta for work they are now gifting me some pieces like this tank each season with a semi-sponsorship. So thoughtful! They support "Power of the She" theme.

We have SOOO much fun with the Bennett girls!
The girls loved picking carrots with Paul after a recent workout.